30 years dedicated to machine safety: Franz-Josef Lauer celebrates anniversary

30 years dedicated to machine safety: Franz-Josef Lauer celebrates anniversary

Today we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Franz-Josef Lauer in Coesfeld - a man who not only understands machinery and plant safety, but lives it.

On 1 April 1994, Franz took the bold step of setting up his own engineering office. He began laying the foundations for his company in a modest cellar - at that time still a one-man show. But Franz dreamed bigger and saw further than most. When the CE mark became mandatory for machines in 1995, he was already one step ahead.

From the first steps to several expansions, Franz always had the vision to shape the future of his company. His tenacity and ingenuity turned limited beginnings into a thriving office - a place where innovation could flourish.

With the sale to Lebbing in Bocholt, Lauer CE-Safety GmbH was born in 2020 and Franz once again proved his instinct for the right time. His company survived the challenges of the coronavirus crisis unscathed and his legacy lives on. Now, in 2024, the journey continues after the complete merger into Lebbing Automation and Drives GmbH - a new chapter in the success story of the "Lauer CE-Safety" product.

But behind all the business successes, there is one thing above all: an extraordinary person. Franz-Josef Lauer is valued by his team not only as a boss, but also as a colleague at eye level and a mentor. His closeness, generosity and visionary thinking have created a family atmosphere in which trust and cohesion are emphasised.Now that he holds the position of Senior Manager, Franz remains loyal to his company and is always on hand to offer advice and support. His passion for machine and plant safety makes him a role model for us all.

Dear Franz, may the coming years be just as fulfilling as the past 30, and may you stay healthy and remain the authentic and inspiring person that you are. The entire Lauer CE-Safety team would like to thank you for your tireless work and wish you and Margret all the best for the future.