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The professional everyday life at Lauer CE-Safety in Coesfeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) shows us again and again the enormous economic importance of adhering to CE safety standards, consciously handling of risks and prevention of accidents and incidents. We therefore believe that safety and accident prevention are among the most important management issues in a company.

Safety, accident prevention and CE marking deserve to be given more attention in their importance for marketing. We would be happy to show you how a little-cherished duty can be turned into a competitive edge for you.

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Accident prevention should not be seen as a legal requirement, but as human obligation and economic reason.
We are convinced that safety and accident prevention are not only imperatives of humanity, but also of economic reason.

“Today, the following applies: Those who consciously place the satisfaction and health of their customers and employees at the centre of their considerations gain clear competitive advantages.”

Werner von Siemens, 1884

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Lauer CE-Safety is your partner for comprehensive advice on CE marking.
We are happy to advise you personally on machine and plant safety with the topics of risk assessment, operating instructions and functional safety. Our experience for your safety.

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