Software for CE marking and risk assessment

Anyone who develops, manufactures, sells or operates machinery in Europe must know directives, assess risks and draw up manuals.

With the right software, these tasks can be completed faster and more efficiently. Lauer CE-Safety GmbH offers proven CE software products that are continuously updated.

Word-Add-On Risk Assessment

Functional supplement to risk assessment within the scope of conformity assessment of machinery (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC). Now risk assessment and development of catalogues of measures for hazard elimination are even more convenient.

    In addition to the Word templates according to our systematics, we have had developed Word-Add-Ons with the following functions for you:

    • Call up an assembly list and transfer the selected entry to the corresponding field
    • Call up a screen for risk assessment with the specified risk elements and transfer the assessment made to the corresponding fields
    • Call up the integrated database of measures – the measures offered are matched to the hazard – and transfer the selected entry to the corresponding field
    • New fields can be added to the tabular display to enter further measures and evaluations
    • You can edit entries in the assembly list and in the action database. Of course the add-on works in the network

      The described functionality is made available to you in form of a Word document template and an Access database.

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      LCE Normen Manager

      When it comes to compliance with standards, precision counts. If you don’t want to lose track of the current variety of standards, you must always keep a close eye on changes, innovations or the omission of standards. This costs valuable time! Lauer CE-Safety GmbH offers a cost-effective alternative with the LCE Normen Manager.

      With access to the standards database you can

      • Determine which standards are relevant for you
      • Find out if the standards are available in your company
      • Find out whether existing standards are still up-to-date
      • Open and view standards
      • Optionally receive notifications when there are changes
      • View standards in our office in Coesfeld
      • Print out a monthly updated overview of standards

      Lauer CE Safety GmbH sets up a database access, supplies the software and researches the standards relevant for you and stores them correctly in the database.

      Do not leave the management of standards to chance. We would be pleased to advise you personally and without obligation on our software.


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