Sabine Franzen

Dipl.-Ing. (TH) (graduated engineer)


Department head CE marking and risk assessment

Main focus:

- Consulting on CE marking
- Risk assessments
- Safe work equipment according to the Directive 2009/104/EC
- Machine and plant safety
- Explosion protection

Sabine Franzen studied mathematics and mechanics at Technische Hochschule Darmstadt and earned a degree as graduated engineer for mechanics. She worked ten years in Heidelberg in research and development for space travel technology. Later she was active as consultant engineer. She collected broad experience in solving complex problems as project manager as well as group leader. She has a wide-ranging expertise in the fields of design, calculations, life cycle tests, tribology and clean room technology.

Sabine Franzen is employed at Lauer CE-SAFETY GmbH since 2004 with focus on conformity assessments for CE-marking for various machines and systems. As experienced CE-coordinator she works out risk assessments and consults in all terms of questions dealing with machine safety in relation to machine directive and industrial safety regulations. An additional main emphasis forms consulting and training on activities concerning requirements for explosion protection. Since 2017 she is qualified to verify measures for explosion protection.