Melanie Westhoff


Risk Assessment

Main focus:

- CE marking
- risk assessments
- safe work equipment according to BetrSichV
- machine and plant safety

Contact information

Melanie Westhoff is a trained gas and water fitter and graduated from Aachen University of Applied Sciences as a mechanical engineer specializing in environmental protection science.

During her many years of employment with a production machinery and equipment manufacturer, she worked as a team leader in the technical documentation department and qualified further as a CE coordinator and safety engineer.

Her main activities were the development of safety concepts as well as the preparation of risk assessments and operating instructions for complex, web-guiding systems.

Since 2020, Melanie Westhoff has been working as an employee at Lauer CE-Safety GmbH, primarily in the area of risk assessment for a wide variety of machine and plant types, and advises companies on the safety-related design of their machines and plants.